As an aspiring model  there are basic steps that you should take into consideration before starting. The first important step is to know your goals. You should know what kind modelling you want to do and how big a part you want modelling to play in your life. When you know this, it’s much easier to get started.

When you are ready to embark on your journey towards professional modelling, you should make sure that you have read enough about modelling and that you know what to expect. There are various sources available online for new models that tell more about modelling in general, the different types of modelling you can do, where and how to start and who to contact.

As you are doing your research, take some time to find a list of modelling agencies you could contact. This is an important step as by now you should know how to choose a modeling agency that best matches the kind of modeling you want to do. If the modeling agencies of your choice are in a close proximate to where you are located, why not pay a visit to the agency in person. That’s the best way to get a much clearer and more informed picture of the type of agency you are dealing with.

When you feel confident about the modelling agencies you have found, you should either start calling them or contacting them by email. this is where photos come in. As an aspiring model, one of your main tasks is to arrange a photo shoot with a reliable model photographer. You want to project a good and professional image of yourself and for that reason it is important to focus on the quality of your photos.

The NGM model academy  has designed it’s Portfolio building days and holidays especially for the purpose of giving a model the right kind of professional photos to show to agencies or casting directors .You do NOT have to be an NGM model to sign up to our model academy or take part in our workshops or portfolio days.

If you are unable to have photos taken by a professional model photographer, you could also consider selecting some quality pictures that you already have of yourself.

Another effective way of getting exposure as a new model, you could try to find a source on the internet that could list your information and pictures. You should consider listing with one or more websites that offer these kinds of online services for models. Websites, such as  and our model academy/ model school provide an excellent way of getting started as a new model, as they offer a great platform for getting connected with the right industry professionals.

Whilst selection for NGM model management is limited due to the high number of applicants and tough selection process , our NGM model academy is open to all models both new and experienced. 

Joining agencies-  You should not have to pay an agency to be considered as one of their models, as they will make their money from a percentage of the models future jobs. It is very important to be informed of this before you start the process of contacting modeling agencies.

As long as your goals are set from the very onset of your modeling career, you should have a much clearer and more secure picture of what you should know as an aspiring, new model. And should you encounter rejection, do not give up. All new models experience rejection at one point or another. It is just a fact of the business. So stick to your goals, work hard and start connecting with the right people in order to make your dream of being a model into a reality.